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#1 27 Feb 2021 8:15 am

Paul Green
Registered: 8 Nov 2020
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Dust Removal

I have got to the stage in my Peapod build where I am sanding and cleaning the interior prior to glassing.

A vacuum cleaner has removed most of the dust but some fine dust remains (a quick wipe with a finger tip gives the game away). I guess this is what is removed by wiping down with a lint free cloth and denatured alcohol as per the CLC manual.  I have seen elsewhere in the forum that denatured alcohol is not easy to come by in the UK and also advice from PEC Epoxy to avoid use of solvents or anything like maths which might have additives.

Is there any reason why a wipe with a slightly damp (with water) lint free cloth would not do the job of removing those last traces of dust on the surfaces?



#2 27 Feb 2021 9:55 am

Registered: 26 Jun 2020
Posts: 17

Re: Dust Removal

Painting tack cloth lifts any remainder.


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