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#1 23 Jan 2016 11:49 pm

Arne H
Registered: 18 Dec 2015
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Chesapeake 16 launch

Some photos from the launch of my Chesapeake 16, finished last deck riggings on 14th, and tried her out for the first time on 17th January.




This is on the river Dijle in Belgium, not the most exciting of locations, but hey: The nearest moving water with sufficient water under the keel. Was actually a nice trip! (If you need to know: Went from Korbeek-Dijle to the weir just before Heverlee and back.)

The boat felt good and handled really nicely! Only remaining thing that needs doing at some point is adding foam knee-pads shaped to my anatomy for better control, and to find the ideal position for the seat, which I attached with Velcro to allow easy adaptation. Thanks for the tip to use Velcro, Paul. It seems to me, finding comfort in the seat is a question of 10ths of an inch, so I need to play with that a bit during my next trips. (In addition, I think I need to stretch the back of my legs more, in general, in order to avoid getting numb toes every 20min or so while kayaking, but I've always been a bit stiff and inflexible in that area...)


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