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#1 23 Feb 2012 4:06 pm

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Kayak Paddles and Greenland Paddles

Fyne Boat Kits are Sawyer's European agent for Kayak Paddles and Greenland Paddles.  They are on our website now and we think they will be a great hit.

Kayak Paddles

We have the 240cm Classic Sea Feather paddles that are very reasonably priced and look great. 

For those wanting something extra special, we have the carbon shaft, V-laminated Sea Feather which is adjustable from 240cm to 250cm.  Both are special paddles that will compliment any of our kayaks.

Greenland Paddles

We have cedar Greenland Paddles, 220cm long that are stunning and offer relaxed paddling with a low swing allowing for good energy saving throughout a days paddling.  For those wanting a classic Greenland Paddle at a reasonable price.

Sawyer Paddles from Fyne Boat Kits

Paddle Information Link


#2 14 Mar 2012 11:18 pm

From: East Sussex
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Re: Kayak Paddles and Greenland Paddles

Just got some greenland paddles. They seem to be of super quality and much lighter than I expected.

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