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#1 30 May 2021 8:14 pm

Paul Green
Registered: 8 Nov 2020
Posts: 6

Peapod Skeg: To glass or not to glass

The next but one step on my Peapod build is to attach the skeg.  This will take some bumps and scrapes in use and I was wondering about reinforcing it with glass cloth.

I noticed a Skerry build post which described encapsulating the entire skeg in glass cloth.  I had been considering some glass tape to reinforce the out edge (keel).

Has anyone any experience/opinions to share?



#2 22 Aug 2021 5:35 pm

From: Devon
Registered: 22 Dec 2013
Posts: 143

Re: Peapod Skeg: To glass or not to glass

You might have been referring to my Skerry build. Sorry for the later reply, I ahev been off the forum for a while.

The hull of any boat will take a pounding when you launch/recover. the Skeg will bear the brunt form time to time The Skerry plans details a metal worm shoe (which I did not fit, but actually plan to do at some point). Glass fibre will protect the timber of your hull, so I'd use it...!

Built a Skerry!


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