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#1 6 May 2021 10:44 am

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Interesting new boat kits ...

My procrastination and indecision on my next build continues as I try to work out how to make space for it (and fix the roof!).  Two interesting boats have recently popped up on the Fyne website: the Mebo 12 and the Kombi canoe.  Both would meet some of my ideal boat wishlist*, which is currently headed by the Skerry.  Two questions:

1. The prototype Kombi doesn't seem to have been completed yet.  Are there any complete boats and how well does it meet the 50/50 paddling / sailing promise?

2. Would a more trad rig like the lugsail for the CLC designs work on the Mebo?  A quick sketch suggests that the centre of effort would be in a similar place (fore and aft). 

* Wishlist (in order of priority):
Sail power
Paddle/oar power
Fit in a smallish garage
Can be carried on a car roof on shortish journeys
Relatively straightforward build
Camping aboard if possible


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