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#1 9 Dec 2020 6:36 pm

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Scupper box and scupper holes, Sea Island Sport

Hi all

I am building the Sea Island Sport from scratch, and have got to the point of placing the scupper box in the hull, before fitting the deck and bringing everything together. However, because I didn't buy the kit, there are no pre-marked or cut locations for the scupper holes in the hull. Although I can calculate the position of the scupper box from the position of the scupper drain hole in the cockpit, I am still not sure of the exact location, size and shape of the scupper drain holes in the bottom of the hull. Any advice on the precise dimensions and shape of these scupper holes. The plan shows 4 holes (I think) oriented diagonally. Why is this?
I have read some horror stories of scupper boxes not being properly sealed at the time the deck and hull are brought together, and subsequently letting in water to the hull. Any advice on that critical stage of aligning, sealing and fitting the deck to ensure a watertight scupper box?

Finally, does anyone have any experience of choosing NOT to fit the scupper box or hull scupper drain holes(and avoiding the risk of a non-watertight fit and a leaking hull)? I'm likely to be doing most of my kayaking on a calm sea, rivers and canals. If I keep a sponge in the cockpit 'just in case', and avoid rough water, might that be a sufficient precaution to keep the cockpit clear of water.
Many thanks for any advice.


#2 28 Dec 2020 5:32 pm

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Re: Scupper box and scupper holes, Sea Island Sport

The design has a massive amount of built in buoyancy. If you are concerned about the scuppers leaking, I would leave them out and carry a hand bailer and sponge as you suggest . I am sure someone will be along who is familiar with the boat and can give you more informed advice.


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