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#1 30 Jun 2020 4:14 pm

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Waterlust Sailing Canoe build in Jersey (Channel Islands)

Hi everyone,
My Dad ordered a Waterlust sailing canoe from Fyne a while back now, but I haven’t been able to start it yet because we have been very busy. However, the summer holidays have just begun so now is the time to unveil the kit and crack on!
I have never built a boat kit before but I have always enjoyed woodworking and making things, so this should definitely be a  challenge! How hard can it be....... (hopefully this doesn’t end in a burning boat Viking style funeral)
I will be doing my best to post pictures everyday I do some building just to keep a log of progress and hopefully also a good collection of memories from the very start to sailing the beautiful canoe itself.
Many thanks to fyne boats who have been really helpful in providing us with all of the kit and tools we need and ensuring that the kit arrived all neat and in one piece (well.... many pieces).
We have set up shop in a marquee for now that should do the job of keeping the rain off and stay nice and warm for when I will be applying the epoxy, but there is a lot of metal wire twisting (stitching) to get on with before I get to that stage!
Let the construction begin!
Goodbye for now,


#2 30 Jun 2020 6:10 pm

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Re: Waterlust Sailing Canoe build in Jersey (Channel Islands)

Good luck Tom! You will have a lot of fun with this.

Apart from recommending you to read Bergen Guy's build log really carefully, I recommend you to make sure your marquee is warm enough in the winter. I know you have mild winters down there and it may be ok if you have a lot of heaters, but I had to stop for several months last winter (which wasn't particularly cold here in East Anglia) whilst I insulated my garage!

One other piece of advice is to read the 'manual' really carefully and always read a couple of pages ahead of where you are. You will find that the order of work can be improved on.

My only really difficult moment was when fitting the breast hooks, and both the other builders building at the moment on this site (Bergen Guy and SP) had issues with this as well - althougfh managed better than I did! Work out a modus operandi 'dry', have plenty of clamps and remember that when epoxy glue is added everything becomes very slippery.

Once again good luck! You will find it very rewarding. Fyne Boat Kits are very supportive and helpful.


#3 6 Aug 2020 6:47 pm

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Re: Waterlust Sailing Canoe build in Jersey (Channel Islands)

Good luck Tom!  Will watch with interest....my next build sometime!  I'm building a cedar strip wood duck 14 - my first build too and would echo comments from MartinC.  You cant have enough clamps and another tip, if you make a mistake (I have made plenty) stop and start again the following day with a clear head!  Very rewarding so far but its taken me hours and hours and still not done!  Agree with Martin, Fyne Boats very helpful but needed them less as my confidence grew and its quite satisfying sorting out problems for ones self with help from the Forum.  Very best of luck. James M


#4 1 Sep 2020 8:49 pm

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Re: Waterlust Sailing Canoe build in Jersey (Channel Islands)

Hello Tom_Jersey! A hearty welcome to the world of Waterlust building, I will watch with great interest! I hope you have as much fun as I have had (and Svale isn't even properly finished yet!) I am sure you will be just fine, there is a lot of support out there, and every problem you come across has almost certainly been solved somewhere before. This forum, or the CLC forum has lots of useful stuff. I wasn't much beyond ikea assembly before starting out with Svale - and she floats :-)  Good luck - and do keep the pictures flowing - it's always great to see another boat taking shape!  Guy


#5 12 Sep 2020 3:25 pm

From: "Driftless" Wisconsin USA
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Re: Waterlust Sailing Canoe build in Jersey (Channel Islands)

Welcome Tom!

(Despite being 'this side of the pond' here I'll be anxiously waiting for your posts as you progress!)

Great resource here for those who endeavor with one of CLC's less 'documented' designs. For that I have to thank the FyneBoats folks as well as those who add their experiences.


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