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#1 18 Feb 2020 5:40 pm

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rigging balanced lug

I recently found an article by Michael Storer on setting up balanced lugs. ( It really refers to the Goat Island Skiff). The section that particularly interests me is his description of how he uses the halyard to hold the yard close to the mast. He recommends placing a block at the midpoint of the yard and attaching the halyard to the front of the yard running it on the opposite of the mast thus holding it close and from there through the block and back to the masthead hole. It makes a lot of sense to me but if I were apply it to the passagemaker I think it would bring the yard too far forward as the normal way to set up the halyard on the passagemaker is to pass it through a hole well forward of the midpoint.

I have not tried it in practice yet even in the garden as the boat is under cover  - maybe it does work but I cannot see how. I have looked at photos of the Skiff under sail and the attachment point deems forward of the middle of the spar.

I would be very grateful if a Skiff owner (or indeed any other balanced lug owner) could shed some light on this


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