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#1 24 Sep 2019 12:22 pm

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Tube fittings / maroske

I have installed tube fittings for deck rigging on my Petrel play. Now I have to attach deck and hull and glass the deck . I'm worried that the nice tubes I have created will fill with resin when I squeege resin onto the cloth, particuarly on the rear deck where the tube is horizontal . Can I put in a wax plug ? though this might be a problem with resin not sealing to the cut edges of the ply if any wax gets on there. How have other builders dealt with this problem?


#2 25 Sep 2019 9:05 am

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Re: Tube fittings / maroske

This is a good question.  I wouldn't bother with a plug as you want to glass the edge of the plywood you have drilled through, around the edge of the hole.  Just go carefully around the holes and you will not have any problems.  It would be possible to fill the holes up if you were exceptionally clumsy, but this far into the build, you will have learnt about epoxy use and glassing, so you will be fine.

Hope this helps.


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