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#1 10 Jun 2019 6:58 pm

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Skerry -loss of helm with Push - Pull tiller.

I hope that I am not the only one suffering from this problem. I am unable to tack to port with the tide against me. The tiller collapses, tucking its self under the stern stem and I have no ability to steer even after returning the tiller to the neutral position and starting again.
I may be lucky and have enough speed to carry me but this is no guarantee.

More often than not, the bow swings with the tide and I end up gybing, do'able and certainly not cool.

I have been carried up river several times, quite embarrassing. Starboard stacks are not so much of an issue unless the wind is very strong. Like a lot of folks across the globe I am not used to a rudder and stock that tilts rather than pivots.

I have no crew so no additional wieght in the boat, do I need to add balast e.g. sand bags. She is very light in the bow and I sit as far forward as possible.

I have added my own side seats to help with this although I spend most of the time kneeling or standing, often leaning to the leeward side to keep the sail pointing upwards into light winds.

It has been commented that my lug rig may not be properly balanced but I have followed the instructions that came with the kit. Down-haull set on the boom @28" and the halyard attcahment to the Yard @42.5". There still seems to be a lot more sail overlapping the mast than many Lug Rig photos I have seen suggest. 

As far as I could ascertain throughout the 6 month build the boat is "plumb and true" I cannot see any obvious misalignmet. Can anyone help me?

I should mention that I am from Kent in the UK and sail on the river Medway.

Most cruising is done to the east, Downstream. Wind can be pretty swirly and change in a heart beat within two cables either side of my Club Slipway.

I have been discussing this problem with Paul and Phil at FBK but due to distance they cannot really help. They have done their best.

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#2 16 Jun 2019 7:49 pm

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Re: Skerry -loss of helm with Push - Pull tiller.

This problem should be resolved.

I wrote John C Harris who sent me the latest or what should be the current sail plan for the Skerry Lug.

The Downhaul attachment point is now 12 3/8” from the fore end of the boom and not 42 1/2”.
Quite a difference no doubt you will have noticed! (No shit Sherlock).

Why this sail plan is not in the current .pdf or paper build manual is bewildering.

The position has “evolved” over the last 17 years according to John to overcome Lee Helm.

Lee Helm is/was my problem, my COE was not properly aligned to the lateral line of resistance.

I love my Skerry again.


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