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#1 4 Jun 2019 3:04 pm

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Tow point for Eastport

I want the ability to tow my Eastport pram. Anyone know the best position for installing a towing point. Also, should I reinforce this point and if so  how. Thanks in advance.


#2 5 Jun 2019 6:39 am

From: Gatebeck Cumbria
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Re: Tow point for Eastport

The tow point for towing from a yacht should be low on the bow transom.  If you have not yet put the tank top down you should install it now just below the top.  If you have glued the top down put it as low as you can  above the top.

The bow transom should be doubled up with plywood where the fitting is and nuts and washers should be fitted on the inside.  I would also seal it with epoxy.

If you go to the Eastport Pram page on the Fyne Boat Kits website and click on the large picture you will see a long row of thumbnails to select a different picture.  Several show the towing point: some were added after the tank top but in about the 23rd picture is a black version on a beach showing the location if it is installed before the tank top.


#3 5 Jun 2019 11:26 am

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Re: Tow point for Eastport

Here is another photo of the same boat Paul is talking about, with the towing point installed before the tank top.



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