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#1 26 Aug 2018 11:41 pm

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Northeaster Dory launch...at long last!

Launching had been delayed by months by the lack of a suitable trailer but having finally tracked one down that would do the job we managed a late summer inaugural sail and row. Was something of a family occasion and most of the sailors in our tribe turned up for the launch at our local sailing club on Loch Morlich nr Aviemore.

(Above) Light winds blessed our day....which more or less kept the ravenous Scottish midges at bay.

(Above) "Are those wheel bearings waterproof?" Yes, indeed, they are. There were some understandable early jitters as the boat was wheeled into the water for the first time.

(Above) It floats! Had carried out a 'dry rigging' at home on the drive so were confident we could rig and sail it away from from the pontoon without mishap.

(Above) Final preparations. We have 4 sailing instructors in the family and 3 of them scrambled aboard for the first outing under sail.

(Above) Yay! Finally moving under sail.

(Above) The mighty Cairngorms provide a dramatic backdrop for our Northeaster dory's maiden voyage.

(Above) A fine looking boat. The beautifully crafted lug rig sail suits it, I think.

(Above) Next up was some rowing. It sliced through the water with ease with a solo rower and single passenger.

(Above) Made very good progress with two rowers, too.

A great day! Next sometime in the early autumn up will be an outing with the drop in rowing unit installed and the pair of sculling oars I made.

The sailing instructors have suggested a few ways of tweaking the rigging to improve performance which I'll chew over in the next few weeks.

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#2 21 Apr 2019 9:24 am

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Re: Northeaster Dory launch...at long last!

Very nice!

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