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#1 12 Nov 2017 1:57 am

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Nesting Eureka - it floats

Hi all
I built a Eureka canoe and decided I wanted it to stand in the corner of my garage and be easy to transport. So I added a couple of bulkheads and strengthened them. then cut it into 3 pieces which nest together. The largest piece is 6` 9' long. Too long for most estate cars unfortunately but will fit on most cars equipped with a suitable roof rack. I used standard 6mm Marine ply which made the canoe  heavier than I would like. But it is acceptable for me. If  I built it again I would use Gaboon and build the 3 sections seperately. Finished it in British racing green outside and Yellow none slip paint inside. I think The Eureka looks fantastic in varnish finish but I am afraid the finish on mine was not as good as I would have liked so paint it was.Finally got it on the waterwith my daughter Hollie, a couple of weeks ago and no leaks. Goes reasonably quickly with little effort. A little wobbly at first  but that was  probably due to our inexperience. Still we managed to stay dry so not too bad. Over all we are very happy with it.
We called her Darlie. First 3 letters of Darren and last 3 of Hollie.
May put up some pics when I work out how






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#2 1 Jul 2020 7:41 pm

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Re: Nesting Eureka - it floats

Looking good so far. Please post some images of it in the water and on the car roof.


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