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#1 29 Jun 2015 11:23 pm

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Completed Lutra Laker

After deciding that I needed a boat for our fishing trips, a troll of the infonet (google) a swift check with the bank manager (wife) and it was decided that a self build was the way to go. Back to the infonet and the Lutra laker was the final choice.

Engineer to trade but very limited wood butchering knowledge but having assisted my father build a cabin cruiser from the hull plans of an old MTB, lets give it a go.

A few changes to the plans, a bit more width, plastic hatches instead of wood and away we go.

Step 1. A very pleasant (Company only, weather was lousy) road trip with number one son as helper down to Cumbria (from not so sunny Fife) and the very helpful gentlemen at FB to collect the timber and other bits and pieces.

Step 2. Garage extension (to the wife's dismay) a timber and plastic sheet extension that would allow me to work with just a bit of space to spare.

Step 3. Due to limited space cut all plywood sheets to size and and join together again thanks number one son for assistance. but...

Step 4. Strong back. and in comes the brains of the outfit and next helper. Strongback had to be on wheels so I could get to either side of the boat.

Step 5. Design a frame / Jig for doing the scarfe joints, by the time I got to MK111 all helpers had fled for fear of their lives.
planks joined and in correct order for fitting on to boat. All temp bulkheads cut all permanent bulkheads and knees cut. All other pre built parts (stern section, bow stem section) completed.

Time for a couple of photos...

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#2 30 Jun 2015 6:19 am

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Re: Completed Lutra Laker

first photo:- strong back and my most consistent helper (brains behind the outfit)
second photo cutting out temp bulkheads / frames and the brains behind the outfit already with her pencil and ruler

https://forum.fyneboatkits.co.uk/img/me … aiMm64.jpg

Kali's (helper) favourite place during the build was on the strong back under the boat, for the period of the build allways coming into the house (to my wife's dismay) covered in sawdust and wood shavings. If she had vanished, normally found asleep on the strong back. unfortunately as the build progressed into resin and paint she had to be paid off as the main helper other wise she would have had a nice shiny resined and varnished coat (would certainly have helped with the moulting and hairs in the house).

Even though the Strong back needed to be on wheel for later part of the build, for laying the bulkheads, bottom and the the first chine the strong back was levelled, straightened and fixed fixed to the concrete floor in the garage

https://forum.fyneboatkits.co.uk/img/me … 4B9Q7w.jpg

Kali's final inspection of the strong back.

https://forum.fyneboatkits.co.uk/img/me … YNSTfk.jpg

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