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#1 29 Jan 2015 3:05 am

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Anti fouling

I don't have much knowledge of, or any experience with anti fouling.

I help out as a volunteer with the local national park and the rangers there have asked me to help remove anti fouling from a small boat they use and which is permanently in the water and to replace / refurbish some wood trim.

Refurbishing the wood trim is ok but the request has raised the question in my mind about anti fouling for my own boat, is it necessary on small boats not stored in/on water?
I reckoned that as my boat is stored on land then anti fouling would not be an issue.

I'm new to boating and had never previously considered anti fouling, can anyone advise at what point on boating anti fouling should be applied


#2 7 Feb 2015 12:31 pm

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Re: Anti fouling

If the boat is stored on land it's not really necessary. I used to keep an Orkney Longliner at Lytham and it spent most of it's time on a mudbank and although it got wet at high tide it only ever floated on a spring tide (reduced the opportunities for fishing somewhat!). It was never anti-fouled and never needed it.


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