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#1 21 Aug 2011 5:46 pm

From: Yorkshire
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Kayak Fishing in Devon

Just been on a great holiday in North Devon close to Illfracombe where we stayed about a mile from the beach.  I managed to convince the wife that we could take the Mill Creek 16.5 and use it as a roof box for all the extra stuff that couldn't fit in the car with having 2 kids and leave the box behind.  Somehow the power of the argument won through and we took the boat.  This also allowed me to sneak in a couple of rods, cool box and kayak trolley, which proved invaluable.

So the routine was early each morning I got up and took the already packed boat on the trolley down the footpath to the beach, down the hill about a mile away.  Once at the beach it only took a few minutes to pack away the trolley and set up the two rods in their holders and paddle out from the bay out towrds Illfracombe in search of fish.

The weather was fine, a few showers and odd wind gusts.  All in all, perfect.  Once out in the bay I dropped the lines in and paddled on in the hope I would get a bite.  With cool box at the ready I headed to a locally recommended bass hotspot.  It proved a bit of a flop.  The sun or wind or something must have been wrong, but on the paddle home I was not dissappointed.  I hooked a line of mackrel which were sadly too small to keep, but confidence restored nontheless.

It was a really relaxing and enjoyable experience which could have been enhanced if there was a way of propelling the boat by foot power to allow me to fish properly.  Any tips or locations gratefully received.

I will try and sort out a photo or two of the fishing rig on the boat which worked quite well, along with references for the launching and bass spot.




#2 24 Aug 2011 8:50 am

From: East Sussex
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Re: Kayak Fishing in Devon

I would like to see the rig Matthew.  I have been admiring this one  canoe rig

Canoe & Kayak Owner


#3 25 Aug 2011 9:19 pm

Registered: 10 Jun 2011
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Re: Kayak Fishing in Devon

Matthew you should have seen the one I had that got away! smile  Keen to see how you carry two rods though.  Mikey



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