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#1 12 Aug 2013 3:45 pm

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Building from scratch.

Could anyone please suggest the best method of achieving a scarfing joint for plank connection
(sides and bottom panel Jimmy Skiff). Thanks.


#2 12 Aug 2013 9:31 pm

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Re: Building from scratch.


I used a router jig to ensure that my scarfs were consistent as I didn't trust my skills with a plane

This photo shows the router with 2  10mm metal rods which fitted through where a router guide normally fits.
There is a wooden rail to the left and right which bridges over the plank mounted on an MDF board. The scarfing angle is easily set by adjusting the height of the right hand rail.
The wedges help prevent the rail from sagging but it is still important not to lean on the jig or the scarfs will "curve".

Here I am scarfing 2 6mm planks at the same time. The widest plank I had to do scarf was 30".
The planks being scarfed also have to be raised from the base of the jig to prevent gouging (just place another plank under the plank being scarfed - so 3 planks in photo but one is set back out of cutting range)

Others use a belt sander in a similar set up or a bench set up that allows you to use a circular saw (have a rummage in youtube)
and those more confident with a plane just set to with that keeping the layers parallel by eye.

Out of sight are clamps preventing the planks from moving when being cut

Hope this helps

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