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#1 20 Feb 2022 5:56 pm

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Jimmy Skiff 2 but with different rig??

Hey up folks
I am almost ready to take the plunge and order a kit and have a go at building my first boat.  (plenty of sailing experience)

I like the look of the jimmy skiff2 as I want to do some camping on board and the cockpit layout and off set dagger board looks ideal.  My problem is I don't like the leg of mutton rig.  I'd prefer a balanced lug so that I can reef quickly etc.

I can see that sail areas of the jimmy 2 compared to goat island skiff are quite significant.

I wondered if any one has considered this question before and come up with a solution?

or as an alternative has anyone built the goat island skiff but had a different cockpit payout that would allow an adult to lie on the floor?

Many thanks in advance, I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions



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