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#1 25 Oct 2020 3:37 pm

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tack welding

Good afternoon one and all, I will shortly be building a canoe from Fyne boats; have any of you used mitre bond type glues to stick the panels together prior to glassing?


#2 31 Oct 2020 12:02 am

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Re: tack welding

A quick Googling tells me Mitre Bond’s likely a cyanoacrylic adhesive, super-glue under some convenient brand name.

Yes, these adhesives are routinely used in ‘stich’n’glue’ constructions. As an alternative to the epoxy formulations used later for filleting joints and sheathing surfaces with a fiberglass+epoxy matrix, once the panels are wired up into their intended shape, super glue can be used to ‘tack-bond’ edges together before stitches are removed.

This way the structures hold their intended shape as more robust, permanent joints are built by filleting then adding fiberglass tape or cloth plus more epoxy, both inside & out, without having to work over / around any in-place stitches.

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