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#1 30 Aug 2020 8:40 pm

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Pigmented epoxy under glass

Hi, I’m in the process of building a Petrel Play SG. I’d really like to copy the look of Joey Schotts black Petrel Play. From reading his blog it seems he stained the panels with Behlen Solar Lux before glassing. I’ve tried looking for the same wood stain/dye in the uk. It it’s no longer available due to the high VOC (I believe). I’ve not found another black stain that I’m comfortable taking a gamble with as I don’t want the boat delaminating. I’ve also got the hull and deck pretty much ready for fillets so I’m guessing it’s too late for stain now anyway. My current plan which I’ve tested out on a scrap of ply is to roller on two coats of black pigmented epoxy directly onto the ply, allowing it to cure and sanding prior to glassing. Can anyone foresee a problem with this approach? I’d really like to have the colour under the glass as it gives a beautiful deep finish and a colour coat that’s not easily scratched off. I don’t want to paint the finished boat. Advice appreciated!


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