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#1 26 May 2020 6:13 pm

Robert Cooper
Registered: 10 May 2020
Posts: 3

Eastport pram. Lower 2 planks wont fit grooves in transoms

The lowest 2 planks of wont come together close enough at the ends to fit in the grooves on the end of the transoms. This means that the remaining planks wont fit on the transoms. The planks fit  otherwise.  I have given it several days and tightened up the ties several times.  I then tried cable ties as I am effectively doing this on my own and they are easier to tighten.  There has been some improvement but I cant get the last 3mm or so at the ends which I need To fit them.

I am considering removing a small amount from the upper edge of the first 2 planks to allow them to fit the transom.  The rebate is on the lower edge of the plank and there is lots of overlap so I would have thought this should be secure when epoxied but I would welcome any thoughts?


#2 27 May 2020 7:45 am

From: Gatebeck Cumbria
Registered: 4 Aug 2011
Posts: 123

Re: Eastport pram. Lower 2 planks wont fit grooves in transoms

Please do not cut any of the wood.  Many hundreds of these kits have been made and the parts should fit together.  Please measure the width of the panels at the ends and compare them to the width of the step on the transom: they should be the same size.  It is unlikely, but not impossible, that the panels have been labelled incorrectly so please tell us the measurements. 

We will telephone you and help to resolve the problem.


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