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#1 20 Feb 2020 1:41 pm

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FyneFour - making the bow

First build so please forgive the silly question - suspect there will be many others - although in many places the instructions are excellent, there are steaming great gaps, from a beginners perspective at least!

So, when I bring the hull panels together at the bow, having bevelled them as best I understand, there is a deep, narrow inverted v shaped gap because the bottoms of the higher pair of panels is held apart by the top edge of the panels below. So the 'top' half of each pair of panels joins nicely (albeit under a heck of a tension which I worry about the epoxy being able to hold), but the bottom half flares out to a gap of about 3-4mm where it meets the top edge of the panels below. I see three possible solutions:

(i)    plane/rasp/sand back the tops of the lower panels so that they do not interfere with the bottoms of the higher panels, then rely on the epoxy to restore the wood/strength thus lost;
(ii)   just wang in a load of thickened epoxy to fill the gaps and hopefully hide them - how much weight can I add to the bow in epoxy before I mess up the balance of the boat?;
(iii)  as (ii) but add a wooden stem?




#2 21 Feb 2020 11:15 am

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Re: FyneFour - making the bow

Hi Mark,

I would not put in a wooden stem and neither is a gap of 3 to 4mm much either.  Once glued up you will be rounding over and shaping the stem so this will not be pronounced at all; this is assuming we have understood what you are trying to tell us.  I will give you a call to talk this through and ensure we are giving you the correct advice.



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