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#1 5 Sep 2011 2:12 pm

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Which Kit?

Would either or both of (1) a Colin's Pathfinder or (2) a Pocket Ship get me across The Solent from Chichester to Bembridge in - say - a Force 3/4? I realise this is somewhat like asking the length of a piece of string, but buried within my request is curiosity about the sea-worthiness of these craft.


#2 5 Sep 2011 4:37 pm

From: Gatebeck Cumbria
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Re: Which Kit?

As you have suggested, answering this question is fraught with difficulty.  Both boats will make the passage that you mention assuming that you have the skills (you should also carry safety equipment).   However, it is difficult to guarantee that the conditions will hold steady and if it did start to get windy or rain heavily most people would rather be in a covered boat like the PocketShip. The PocketShip is self righting which should also give you more confidence.  If you do not intend to sleep aboard or do not wish to have a boat that needs towing behind a car then there is a lot to be said for the open boat.

John, designed the PocketShip to make passages from the mainland to the Florida Keys.  Colin designed the Pathfinder for making fast coastal passages in sheltered waters (wave heights up to and including 0.5 m) around the British Isles.

Many people use open boats to undertake more spectacular passages than you propose but it takes a certain amount of determination, no doubt others will contradict me but I would prefer the PocketShip if the passage was the only criterion.


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