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Profile Extraction

Hi, I am currently making a Catamaran that disassembles before embarking on the Pax, my next job is to make the hulls, which I was going to fiber glass from a full size mould, but since learning about stitch and glue figured that would be a much more economical and quicker way of building them (especially since I know much more about wood than fiber glassing).
My problem is making the profiles for the hulls, I have designed the hulls on ProDesktop and AutoCAD, but as yet have not been successful in extracting the profiles (my closest result so far has been to CNC route out a 10-1 scale model, and trim a piece of paper covered in 1mm squares to then be able to transfer the shape, didn't work too good, as some of the 'shines' are not very sharp so the trimming was slightly vague, not good at 10-1).
After searching and trying various programs I've still drawn a blank for something that will do the job, whether it being importing the .dxf from my existing model or creating one from scratch in the program.
Are there any good programs that you know of that does this? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Oak.


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