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#1 17 Jul 2018 8:14 pm

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I didn't really do a build log for this winter's project a CLC WoodDuck 14 and the CLC Sailrig but I cobbled together some notes on the Build Progress Logs pages if you are interested. I started this project at my friend's restaurant and it was on the beach there that we launched her. I wasn't going to do anything fancy but friends insisted so a bottle of fizzy stuff was cracked, poured and drunk and all of the people who helped were thanked. She was named Rocinante. If you know your classics then you'll know that Rocinante was a stallion and boats are of course always female but stop being pedantic, I have. 


The wind can be a bit fickle around here so sometimes you have to wait for a breeze . . .


but then it all goes well



Paddling is still possible and necessary to get back to the beach amongst all the swimming holidymakers.


She's great fun and I look forward to more, longer runs out in her.


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