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#1 7 Jan 2016 2:27 pm

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Lutra Laker and similars

I´m loocking for a boat for 3. What about Little Laker for 3 people aboard?, may be Lutra a better option?
I¨m thinking in lake excursions, fishing, camping, etc.
What kind of Wood did FB use. aparently the boats are build in plywood, can any one confirm this?
I¨m building boats in Chile, in the South of S. America.


#2 8 Jan 2016 3:07 am

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Re: Lutra Laker and similars

For 3 people camping and fishing I would think the bigger the boat the better, so Lutra Laker over Little Laker maybe best.
Yes these boats are made with plywood with a fibreglass skin covering the hull.

Marine plywood is the preferred option as it is of superior quality with fewer voids within the layers.

I don't know if you have "marine" grade plywood in Chile but whatever the equivalent is it is best to use plywood with no or minimal voids within the layers to ensure strength in the build.


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