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#1 3 Nov 2015 8:38 pm

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Skerry Rowing Performance

Hi guys
I haven't sailed the Skerry this year (long story, don't ask smile but I've been rowing regularly, often round to the next bay to go snorkeling, out round the island and back for exercise or round to Amos for a beer. Round the island and back to the beach is about 5 kms.

Just past Kumlubük, going south, there is a small sea cave and a few days ago I decided to head round there and take a couple of photos from inside. Lots of tourists see the cave while out on boat trips but very few get to go in it so I thought a couple of photos on facebook would be nice. It's about 5 kms to the cave so I took drinks and something to eat. The sea was calm although there was a bit of a swell which got worse the further south I went and by the time I was level with the cave entrance it was going to be an issue getting across it and into the cave itself so I decided to leave the photos for another day.

Anyway, I'd taken the GPS with me and later on uploaded the track onto Google Earth.


With the track on you can pull up a graph to show performance. Average speed while rowing is around 6.5 kph (3.5 knots (ish)) but you can see some stops in there for drinks, something to eat and chatting to people in passing boats.  smile  I'm getting a bit old for pushing the speed along (65 yo in January) but if you ever wondered, the Skerry is a great pulling boat.  smile



#2 21 Feb 2016 12:13 pm

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Re: Skerry Rowing Performance

Hey Yambo, this is a bit too techy for me, but useful info nonetheless!

I also find the Skerry very easy to row and I always prefer to come to shore under oars rather than beaching under sail, especially when there are other boats about.

Built a Skerry!


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