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#1 1 Apr 2014 6:24 pm

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Patching up Glass

My hull is a tale of two halves.

On one side the glassing has gone well, but on the other side there are some areas on the lap joints/chines where the glass has not stuck down. I thin I can fix this by wodging a thing mix of epoxy filler under there flapping sections, however, on the bow, where the chine taper because of the gaines, I have had to cut a away a short section of glass. I think I can get round this by filling and fairing down, but  I would be glad to hear people's thoughts.

There is an additional strip of glass to add to the bow and the stern, so I think I will add this and then  fair into this. Might make more sense. I am sure once this is don ;they'll never know". the main thing is trying to ensure that I have no potential water ingress points on the hull.

Either way this wee issue has caused me a little bit of time which is irritating as FB sent me the rails today which I could do with gluing the scarfs together on!


Small section of glass that has not stuck to the chines.


Glass cut away from the gains at the bow. To be faired with filler me thinks.

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