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#1 22 Jan 2014 9:24 pm

From: Devon
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Gains - the ins and outs...

Ok, so i have a confession...

I have committed a schoolboy error and incorrectly measured my gains on my Skerry build prior to cutting. For some reason I measured my gain at 3/4" rather than at 3/8" wide. In my defence, having lived and worked in France for 10 years (where I built my own house..!) I have only ever worked in mm, so these inches are a bit new to me..the net result is of my 8 gains on the project 6 are too wide.

Anyway, I am not too bothered as I think the error can be faired out with the judicious addition of some epoxy filler and some sanding. My hull is going to be painted, so the mistake should not show I hope! I would have preferred to have not made the mistake in the first place, but there we go.

The good news is that I have found a great way to cut my gains without a rabbet plane - by clamping a guide along the gain cut line, cutting down with a block plane and then squaring off with a chisel and sanding block. The other top tip is to cut the gains before you glue the planks together. I was worried about flailing about with 15' planks in my garage and it has been much easier to work on the planks in 8' lengths and then glue them up.


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