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#1 29 Nov 2013 2:46 pm

Fyne Boat Kits
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Reduced Prices for Cedar Strip



The purchase of new faster machinery and the hiring of a skilled worker means that we have been able to substantially reduce the price of our cedar strips. These cedar strips are milled with a ‘bead and cove’ joint so that one slides into the next for a perfect fit. This makes the process of building a cedar-strip boat much less fiddly and more enjoyable.

The prices are as follows:

10 metre Western Red £9.91
10 metre Alaskan Yellow £19.19

This is the link to the website page: Machined Cedar Strip


#2 12 Dec 2013 11:41 am

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Re: Reduced Prices for Cedar Strip

thats a substantial reduction and timely for me, thanks.
It must have been an expensive machne


#3 28 Sep 2014 9:29 am

Derek Blay
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Re: Reduced Prices for Cedar Strip

Apologies for late response to this welcome news.

I have just finished building 2 Nymph stripper canoes using material bought from Fyne Boats early in 2013.

I had a lot of problems with beads not matching coves and variation on cove position  so that strips were not flush with each other.

Obviously strips were made on different machines and/or with different settings.

I persevered but I could imagine it putting a first timer off this construction method.

I now look forward to my next strip plank craft but meantime I have a Skerry dinghy to buidl!


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