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#1 4 Oct 2013 12:35 pm

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Any supervised builds

Hello just wondered if there were any supervised builds planned for December or in the New year?
I am interested in building a Kayak maybe the surf Kayak.


#2 10 Oct 2013 4:01 pm

Fyne Boat Kits
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Re: Any supervised builds

I am afraid that we have been a bit lax with setting up the supervised builds for the next year.  It is not just that we have been flat out producing kits for the last 6 months but a lot of the people who would have formerly attended a supervised build session have taken up the new option of hiring a workshop and tools with only a watching brief from the experienced builders at Fyne Boat Kits.

Thank you for the reminder and we shall start to work out some dates.  If you let us know which date in the New Year you would prefer we shall publicise that and see if anyone else wants to join on that date.

You may also be interested in some remote supervision courses that we are starting in April.  The idea is that a customer builds his boat at home but communicates, via a computer with a web camera, with an experienced builder who demonstrates the next stage in the build and answers questions about the build.    There will also be the opportunity to learn from the supervisor how to correct any problems and to be shown tips for doing the job more easily and quickly.


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