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#1 10 Aug 2013 10:39 am

Copper Whiskers
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Help! - about to attach the Rails: Fyne 4

I'm building a Fyne 4 and would like to hear from anyone who has sailed this boat any distance.

If you have fitted the inwale spacers which effectively bring the inwales out by 3/4 inch, do you find the rail digs into your back whilst seated? I'm an older sailor, so comfort is important! My lifejacket is the self-inflating type with a gas canister so doesn't come round my back and act as a cushion.

I'm thinking of having the spacers on the outside as I quite like their look and could be handy for tying ropes to etc.  This will require some adjustments to the breastplates and the quarter knees but is possible. I would start by fitting the fillet on the outside of the hull first, then the spacers, then the outwale.

Comments & observations gratefully received.

Copper Whiskers.


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