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#1 5 Mar 2013 5:05 pm

From: Galicia/spain
Registered: 21 Feb 2013
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Measures problem

Hello, this is mi first post and my first project.

I have acquired the Chesepeake 16 plans wich measures are in Inches, and i live in galicia (spain) so i need to convert the mesures at cm.

Normaly its not dificult at all but when i have to covert the fractions of inches.....the problems arise.

How should I convert this one? 9 5/16

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


#2 5 Mar 2013 7:49 pm

Registered: 9 Oct 2011
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Re: Measures problem

263.5 mm according to google convert. Just type into google

convert 9 5/16 in to mm

and you'll have your answer. Or you could buy an imperial tape measure. I much prefer mm - wait till you want to add 9 5/16 to 1'4 7/32" ! There are still folk who like inches though, can't see it myself.


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