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#1 2 Dec 2012 11:31 pm

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Windermere Winter Wonderland

The children were off school on Friday (a Baker Day they used to be called), so we went to Ambleside for a long weekend.

Whilst the family had breakfast , I sneaked out for an hour each morning. I got a new drysuit in the sale at a well known Stockport canoe outfitters (other shops are available) as I was expecting it to be cold - there was ice on the deck when I set out.

The conditions were fantastic, and I pottered up the river, and also across to Low Wray. There was enough water to get a way up the river by the NT campsite at Low Wray - one to remember for the kids when it's warmer. The pictures are scattered across the three days.

Put in at Waterhead - free parking if you are early. I chatted with a bloke who had a mate building a skiff from Fyneboats.


The sun coming up over a misty lake, with frost on the foredeck


A dusting of snow on the mountains adds grandeur.




My favourite lake!



#2 3 Dec 2012 11:42 am

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Re: Windermere Winter Wonderland

Those are stunning pictures.  I can confirm that it was a wonderful weekend for scenery. The sky was blue and there seemed to be not a breath of wind making the reflections of the hills almost perfect. 

I went up the hills rather than in a boat.


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