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#1 29 Mar 2012 10:01 pm

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Three rowing boats

img226.jpegHi I'm new as of five min ago.  I'm hoping to build a boat or two or three this summer.  The pipe dream is to row the first one from my home in Dalgety Bay over to North Queensferry or Leith and auction it off on the beach to raise money for the Edinburgh Younger Parkinson's group.  A group that I founded a year after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. 
The second boat I auction off to raise money for my family (because my wife doesn't like me doing anything that doesn't make money for the family), and the third... I keep for me and my son.  (That's the one I'm most excited about).
I used to be a woodwright back in Baltimore so I'm pretty confident that the Parkinson's won't stop me and I even worked at the Mystic Seaport Museum for a summer years ago. 
I've started a website that I haven't launched yet but it will be letsbuildaboat@yolasite.com and I'll be asking for lots of support from donations of funds and material to people to come over for a cup of tea, a coat of varnish and a chat about parkinson's or anything else.
So, does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
Oh, I had a cracking kayak back in the states that I had to sell before coming to the UK.  I miss her...

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#2 1 Apr 2012 7:04 am

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Re: Three rowing boats

...welcome!...and: good luck with your projects!...

...as i am building three boats in parallel at the moment myself i am curious how your adventures will come out...

'...so, how many kayaks do you really need?...' - '...one more!...'


#3 2 Apr 2012 7:04 pm

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Re: Three rowing boats

It sounds likes a great challange, and we wish you well.  Looking forward to watching your progress.  Welcome.


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